SLWDuring the week of March 20-24th, MCCS students were immersed in the knowledge and pirit of the Lord during our annual “Spiritual Life Week” events. SLW is a time when we focus on the Lord and have chapel services every day of the week. We heard from a ariety of speakers who shared their testimonies. Our guest speakers throughout the week were Pastor Michael Booth, Mr. Horeb Peña and his brother, Pastor Joel Peña, and Mr. Scott Williams. All of these men shared powerfully about the ways God remained constant in their lives, and how He was with them and saved them from being overcome by fear and doubt. Our students were encouraged and blessed to hear from these godly men. These men are wonderful fathers. In a community rampant with fatherlessness, our students need to hear from loving, godly fathers who are committed to their families and are committed to the Lord. After each talk, students had the opportunity to espond by receiving prayer from the speakers if they requested it. We are thankful to Mrs. Gwen Martin for organizing and planning this week, in addition to leading an extended time of worship on Wednesday. On Friday, we ended the week with a delicious breakfast meal prepared by staff and student helpers. The students enjoyed the time to talk and fellowship with one another. What a wonderful way to end a joyful week!