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Our Students

Any child who lives in our neighborhood may apply to MCCS, regardless of church affiliation, race, or academic ability. Children of church members of Wilken’s Avenue Mennonite Church may also apply. Students pay $25 per month tuition and must maintain academic standards.

Our Staff

Our teachers are missionaries who have been called by God to serve in Baltimore’s inner city. MCCS assists with health insurance for full time teachers. We set a target salary of $19,000 for supervising teachers and $11,000 for monitoring teachers. However, this salary is not guaranteed, and can only be given if the school has received enough money in donations.

Our Approach

The school maintains high academic standards and small class sizes. Each day begins with a class devotional and prayer time. During this time, students hear the gospel and examine other Biblical truths. Teachers strive to be ambassadors for Christ at all times through their words and actions.


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