web5MCCS uses the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) Curriculum, which is a self-paced mastery learning program. The ACE Curriculum is integrated with Christian character concepts and Bible teaching. Each student takes a diagnostic test when he/she enters the school to place him/her at an appropriate level in Math, Reading Ability (which places the student in Literature, Social Studies, and Science), Spelling, and English Grammar.

Each student is given PACEs (Packets of ACE curriculum) for each of the core subjects. Students teach themselves the material (called “self-instruction”). Teachers are available to give support and help students when needed. Once a student completes a PACE, they must score 80% or higher on a test covering the material in the packet to advance to the next PACE. If the student scores below 80%, he/she must redo the PACE and take the test again.

For more information about the ACE curriculum, visit www.schooloftomorrow.com

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