The following staff are leaving Mt. Clare Christian School:
Roby Anstett- Roby moved to Philadelphia to join his wife as she begins her first year in medical school. We will miss Roby’s upbeat personality, optimistic perspective and affirming manner with students. Pray for him as he searches for a new position and seeks ways to remain actively involved in ministry.
Robert Weaver- Robert is returning to Eastern Mennonite University to continue his studies in Business and Photography. Robert’s passion for the scriptures and enduring patience made him a role model for students. Pray for him as he will be in Austria in the fall semester.
Tobias Stoner- Tobias is also returning to college to continue his studies in History. We will miss Tobias’s passion for knowledge and the ways he encouraged students to strive towards excellence and believe in their potential.
We are sad to lose these amazing men of God, but we support them in their journey toward furthering their education and embracing a new season of life.

We are still in search of a high school assistant teacher. If you know of someone who is
interested in this 10-month position, please have them send a resume to