This year (my first year at MCCS) has been full of the Lord’s grace. I have witnessed the Lord’s power and provision for our school community in numerous ways. I have enjoyed getting to know the staff, parents and student body. I have witnessed students growing deeper in their understanding of and connection to God, laying the foundation for a more mature faith in Christ.

Our parents share story after story with me about how their student was bullied in a previous school but now, at MCCS, their student feels safe and is thriving. The most important lesson that I learned this year is how vital this ministry is to our community. Parents and students involved with our school receive much needed spiritual, emotional and academic support. Our school is a powerful symbol of our church’s dedication to the spiritual needs of children, youth and the unreached in inner-city Baltimore.  I look forward to what new things the Lord will do for us, in us and with us in my second year as Principal of Mt. Clare Christian School.

Thank you for your prayers and faithful support of this ministry!

— Eboni Zook