For the past 9 months, a group of prayerful, ministry-minded young adults have served faithfully in our school and church community. Soon our YES Team will complete their assignment here in Batimore City. We have grown to love each member of the team. They have prayed with us, partnered in ministry with us, lead us into deeper worship of God and impacted the Kingdom of God here and throughout the district. We praise God for Maria, Evan, Esther and Brianna for their devoted service to God and to MCCS.

If you know of young adults (18-30 years) who are interested in serving domestically and internationally for a 9-11 month assignment, you can direct them to the Eastern Mennonite Missions website at

Thank you!

Thank you to Rena and Frankie Cerquetti for taking our school pictures and the staff pictures featured in our Fall newsletter!

Thank you to Site Resources for their donation of office chairs to staff!

Thank you to the students and staff of Liberty University an Pastor Joshua Smith of the Gallery Church for volunteering with several work projects for our school. Volunteers removed concrete, cleaned our school, did inventory, removed thick ice from the school yard, and picked up trash. We appreciate your service to MCCS!

Signs of Hope in Turbulent Times

Recently, the city of Baltimore made National and International news because a young man named Freddie Gray died while in the custody of Baltimore City Police. His death sparked a diverse coalition of peaceful protestors seeking to draw attention to the injustice and bring about a better, safer Baltimore.

Unfortunately, others seeking to take advantage of the civil unrest began to engage in rioting, looting, and other acts of violence. In an effort to bring about stability, our mayor called for the National Guard. I would never have believed that I would live to see my city occupied by military forces riding around in Humvees and carrying heavy artillery. I was in awe of the people who were immediately cleaning up their own and others neighborhoods, even the night of the rioting after the violence was contained.

This state of civil unrest provided us with an opportunity to have important conversations with our students and each other about how to engage when injustice and violence is happening around us. This month our Chapel theme is “God is Kings of Kings!” In these times, we are comforted to know that God is the ultimate authority, that he is a just God and that his justice will one day prevail.  Thank you for all of your prayers for the city of Baltimore and for our school. Thankfully, our community avoided any major damage. Chaplain Elita Barnhart encouraged us in Chapel to have eyes to see the signs of hope, the signs of God’s kingdom, even in the midst of the turmoil. As watched the news, I was in awe of the people who were immediately cleaning up their own and others neighborhoods, even the night of the rioting after the violence was contained. On Facebook, I saw neighbors band together to deter looters from destroying local businesses. What I am most proud of is the way Baltimore clergy crossed denominational lines to band together to mitigate the violence. Though life is back to relative calm here, we are only at the beginning of a long process of addressing the divide between the police and the community. Please keep our city in your prayers.